Scropple is an application to help you find the best scoring words for Wordfeud.

We developed an Android application for using their word calculation algorithm.


Application details

Find the best scoring words for Wordfeud as simple as possible!
Enter the letters on the board and your rack letters, then this application will calculate what words are possible to play and what score they will give!

* Board is saved on exit
* Calculated words are highlighted clearly where they can be placed
* Suggested words are shown fast, as calculation continuous in background
* App2SD
* All possible words are shown, no limits
* Wildcards. (BETA functionality, might exceed application memory allocation)

* English (SOWPODS, TWL06)
* Svenska
* Dansk

Please support by upgrading to Full version
* No ads
* Removes a small delay during word calculation.

=== Under Development ===
* Add new dictionaries
* Norwegian (Norsk)
* Transparent mode


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