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We are proud to announce that our system will be used in the popular fantasy manager game! is an online football fantasy manager game where you select 11 players from any team in the Euro 2012. After each fixture of the Euro 2012 every player receives points based on his performance in the game.

Wordfeud help

Android Application Scropple is now available on the Android Market!

Find the best scoring words for Wordfeud as simple as possible!
Enter the letters on the board and your rack letters, then this application will calculate what words are possible to play and what score they will give!

* Board is saved on exit
* Calculated words are highlighted clearly where they can be placed
* Suggested words are shown fast, as calculation continuous in background
* App2SD
* All possible words are shown, no limits
* Wildcards. (BETA functionality, might exceed application memory allocation)

The application uses the algorithm developed by